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BuildingOur Credit Union is more than a financial institution; we are a not-for-profit cooperative for a “common bond” of people. Additionally, we are member-managed by a board of directors composed of members in good standing. As a member/owner, you are eligible to participate in the Credit Union’s annual meeting and vote on issues affecting the Credit Union, including electing a Board of Directors. Each member has one vote regardless of how much money he or she has in his or her account.

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Vehicle Loans

Vehicle Loans Are Our Specialty

  • If you're thinking about buying a new or used vehicle, don't finance your vehicle through a dealership. Your credit union is here to help you. Financing is our specialty, and we do it better and at a lower cost.

    So why do the car dealerships pressure you to obtain your financing with them? It's simple: The car dealer, in most cases, makes more profit on the financing through kickbacks and incentives from his "partner" banks and finance companies than he does on the sale of the vehicle itself! The car dealers simply want to put more money in their pockets – not find the best financing deal for you.

    Your credit union maintains that getting pre-approved financing through us first before visiting the dealers puts you in a better position. Plus, using our resources to find out exact dealer cost of your vehicle allows you to bargain up from cost rather than down from asking price.

    Whether your dream vehicle is a gas –efficient compact, SUV truck, or minivan, come see your credit union first for financing. We have variety of programs tailored for any vehicle and any budget.

Friendly personalized Service

Friendly personalized Service

  • Perhaps most importantly, we are conveniently located in Ness City, Kansas and are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Our pleasant facility has both a drive-thru window and a night deposit box.  Best of all, when you call our office you will always speak to a helpful Credit Union staff member!  You will never have to navigate through unending telephone menus.

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