About Us

United Credit union is a member-owned financial institution. The share account is the membership account that must be opened before a person is able to use any of the services at United Credit Union. Member eligibility must be met before the share account shall be opened. Field of membership establishing eligibility includes persons residing in Ness County and counties adjoining Ness County, Kansas, members of their immediate families, and organizations of such persons that are members. The above designated counties include Lane, Rush, Pawnee, Ellis, Hodgeman, Finney, Gove and Trego. Immediate family members of present members include parents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Proof of residence must also verified. This can be done by presenting a current utility bill such as city, electric, gas or phone, or a current payroll check with the name and address on it. Dividends on shares are paid on a quarterly basis, on the last day of March, June, September and December. The rate of dividend is declared by the Board of Directors at their regular monthly meeting in each of these months. The dividends are available to the owner(s) of the share account when they are posted to the account.

Our History

On September 27, 1957 the State of Kansas, Office of the Bank Commissioner certify, that the Ness Farmers Credit Union of Ness City, Kansas is a credit Union, duly organized under the laws of the State of Kansas, and as such is authorized to engage in business.

This Credit Union was organized NOT for profit and the objects and purpose to be transacted and carried on are promote thrift by receiving the savings of its members in payment of shares. To make loans to members through the credit committee in the way and manner provided in the by-laws. On January 22, 1965 the Credit Union file an amendment to change the name of credit union from Ness Farmers Credit Union to United Credit Union signed by secretary of the State of Kansas.

In January 1982 United Credit Union purchased the Modern Dry Cleaners from Alphonse Haas at 202 South Topeka Avenue in Ness City, Kansas. This is where the Credit Union is currently located. On February 12, 1983 at the Annual Meeting of Membership of United Credit Union held at Ness City, Kansas an amendment was past to change the Field of Membership. Membership in this credit union is limited to persons residing in Ness County, Kansas and counties adjoining Ness County, Kansas, members’ of their immediate families and organizations of such persons. This was approved on March 14, 1983 by the Credit Union Administrator, State of Kansas.

United Credit Union has been in business for 60 years. A big part of the Credit Union succeed has to be given to the volunteer committee members. The volunteers play a major part in the success of our Credit Union.

Board of Directors

Debbie Hamilton, Chairwoman
Derric Fuchs, Vice-Chairwoman
Jennifer Foos, Secretary/Treasurer
Adam Healzer, Director
Jan Rider, Director

Credit Committee

Darcy O’Toole, Chairman
Nancy Pfannenstiel
Annetta Fellhoelter

Supervisory Committee

Sabra Clarke, Chairwoman
Vicki Schuler
Tonya Fenley


Sandy Reinert

Sandy L. Reinert

Yvette Schlegel

Yvette Schlegel
Administrative Assistant

Kristol King

Kristol King

Vicki Betz

Vicki Betz

Our Mission

This Credit Union is Member Owned Financial Cooperative.

Our Mission is to Promote Thrift among Membership/Owners: Provide Members with Friendly, Courteous and Professional Service.

Operate the Credit Union in the Best Interest of the Overall Membership

Strive To Maintain The Credit Union Philosophy of: