Schedule of Fees

Revised 9/9/2013

Membership Requirements

  • Minimum deposit required and maintained.
  • $50.00 for potential member 17 years and over unless additional services are requested.

Share Account Fees

Account Closing Fee$25 if closed within 90 days of opening
Account Reopen Fee$25 if reopened within 90 days of closing
Dormant Account Fee $1.00 per month if less than $50.00 balance, no activity for two (2) years and no other services.
Withdrawal Charges $3.00 per withdrawal if more than three (3) withdrawals during the month

Checking Account Fees

Minimum Balance Fee $3.00 monthly fee if balance goes under $300 in that month UNLESS (a) the member is 18 years old or younger; (b) the savings connected to that account has a minimum balance of $7500; OR (c) the member has a secured loan connected to that account number.
Nonsufficient Fund Items, Paid or Returned $25 per item
Overdrawn Account Fee $15 after 15 days and every 15 days thereafter
Stop Payment Fee $15 for a stop payment of any kind
Check Printing Fee Prices vary depending upon style
Check Copies/Member Request $3.00 per check Look up
Information/Read from Cancelled Checks $2.00 per check
Clearing Verification Fee $2.00 per item
Account Reconciliation/Research Fee $20 per hour/$10 minimum

Debit Card Fees

Card Replacement Fee $15.00 per card
VISA GIFT CARD FEE $4.00 per card
Change PIN $5.00 per occurrence
Over two cards per account (ATM fee shall be paid by the using member) $10.00 per card

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Hold statement or other special handling $3.00 per statement
Phone call to verify funds on check not drawn on UCU $5.00 per phone call
ACH Set Up Fee $50.00
Unknown address/statement returned by mail $5.00 per month
Processing of Affidavit when member is unable to locate Certificate when cashing it in $10.00 per Affidavit
Notary Fee Free to member, $5.00 to nonmember
Garnishment Fee $50.00 per garnishment
Teller check made payable to payee other than owner of account. $2.00 per check
Teller check issued and mailed elsewhere/request by member $2.00 per check
Wire Transfer - Outgoing Wire Fee $20.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer - Incoming Wire Fee $10.00 per transfer
Fee for processing subpoenas for members records $40 per hour/min plus $1.00 per copy plus mileage
Cashier’s Check $5.00 per check
Statement Copy Fee $3.00 per statement
History from Screen Fee $1.00 per page
ACH Deposit withdrawal/cashing $1.00 per $100